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TEL: 0371-8321456
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Zhengzhou lanxiang design is a professional dedicated to corporate image and brand image building, integrated branding and CI, and VI development of creative consulting firms. Lanxiang is a professional design company in Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, advertising companies, design companies, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou logo planning company, providing design, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, logo design, brochure design, brochure design, Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou logo design, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, VI design, brand design, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, graphic design, packaging design, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou, brand planning, website design, and other related services!

Zhengzhou lanxiang design company specialising in VI design, CI import, graphic design and signage, product and packaging design, environment design, Web site design, while also including the value development concepts, ideas and vision, is an important item on corporate foundations. To create competitive and heterogeneity of brand value, to provide customers with truly targeted customer group profit doubled, contacts doubled doubled, doubled performance, team and help meet business and customer communication.

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